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Composites are by far the oldest decking product on the market. Composites came onto the scene in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Composites are made up of wood pulp that is combined with plastic which is often derived from recycled plastic.This combination of wood pulp and plastic is used to create this low-maintenance decking material.【Get Price】

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Maintenance-Free Decking: PVC vs. Composite. ... Many popular brands are made from 50 percent wood fibers and 50 percent recycled plastic. Composite decking is a solid color all the way through, so the ends of boards are not as noticeable. ... Manufactured decking isn't as stiff as wood decking, so it allows joists to bow. And that leads to a ...【Get Price】

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Wood vs. Composite vs. Vinyl Decking: Our Pick. There are pros and cons for each of these deck material types. When you’re the one buying, you have to balance the price you’ll pay up-front, if you’re okay doing maintenance year-after-year, and the outdoor decor you like best.【Get Price】

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Composite Decking vs Wood Decks, A composite decking review updated for 2018. ... First Generation Composite Decking. Recycled plastic and wood fiber heated and processed to create wood. Recently a friend of mine heard about the first seven trust Deck in Canada being removed. ... Vinyl Decking (without wood pulp—Virgin Vinyl Composite Decking ...【Get Price】

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Which Is the Best Decking Material: Wood or Composite? Deck installers say composite decks are gaining popularity. (Photo courtesy of seven trust) ... Being as the plastic just saturates everything below it, the frame of my deck has complete rotted out and is collasping. First, and last time, for composite for me, ever. ... I do prefer wood deck , not ...【Get Price】

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EP wood-plastic composites and luxury vinyl flooring are made with a modern style in mind. Developed by EP Decking Inc, our materials offer the best advantages of plastic and wood / stone.【Get Price】

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Deck Materials: Wood Decks vs Composite Decks A Comparison of the Two Materials. By David Beaulieu. Updated 03/28/17. Pin ... Composite Decks . ... composed primarily of a mix of recycled plastic and wood fibers. While a deck built with these materials is clearly not "natural" and won't have the potential beauty of a real-wood deck, you can ...【Get Price】

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What you need to know before you purchase your wood, vinyl, composite or aluminum decking material. All but the most exotic woods will twist, splinter and ultimately decay. Even cedar and pressure treated wood are susceptible to rot and decay.【Get Price】

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Majorly, composite decking boards are made up from woods and plastic, and may contain either virgin components or recycled materials. Majorly made from soft woods that is reddish brown in color. Composite decking materials cannot be recycled. Majorly not made of wood. So in terms of look and feel, Vinyl decks are absolutely different in a very ...【Get Price】

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Polymer Decks. The last type of deck is actually the one that lasts the longest: polymer decks. At Eagle Building Solutions, we’re a big believer in polymer decks, which is why we’re proud to offer polymer decking from Azek. Polymer decking contains no wood or other organic materials. It’s completely made from plastic.【Get Price】

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Composite Decking vs Wood 6 Jan 2014 Composite Decking Vs Wood Decks article, revised for 2014. Big hunks of plastic with wood grain and variable coloring to emulate the look of. Get-Prices【Get Price】

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Vinyl decking is a more affordable option if you are looking for low-maintenance, durable deck surface. Because this vinyl surface uses a water tight membrane, it can be used on surfaces other than just traditional decks.【Get Price】

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PVC Vinyl vs. Wood Decking. PVC vinyl and composite wood decking are often confused. They both contain synthetic material. ... But, if it has a ratio of wood flour to plastic above 40%, the composite is more rigid and dimensionally stable. Composite Decking and Rigidity.【Get Price】

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This decking is made much like the older composite type, but is 100% plastic. It is available in many colors and sizes. One of the things we love about Vinyl decking is how easy it is to work with. Unlike wood or composite decking it does not crack or split. Most Vinyl decking brands come with a lifetime warranty against cracking and rotting.【Get Price】